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Why Enroll in DrivingSales University Training?

Over 400 Training Courses

Our huge library of automotive internet marketing courses will teach you the skills needed to succeed in today’s market. Not only the basics of car sales training, but the fundamentals of digital marketing. Topics like Automotive Social Media, SEO, PPC, Email Marketing, Lead Management and Conversion Optimization. We add new courses every month so you can stay ahead and learn the most cutting-edge strategies and tactics.

Recognized Certification

DrivingSales University’s marketing certification courses cover the latest techniques and strategies for maximizing your automotive internet marketing efforts. Upon completion, you earn the industry exclusive DrivingSales University Certified Digital Marketing accreditation. Your staff will be ready to utilize the latest digital marketing strategies with our certified car salesman training courses. See below for more information about curriculum and eligible certifications.

Dealership DNA

DSU is backed by decades of experience running high-performing dealerships, this combined with dealership-centered research, which is at the heart of curriculum. Our deep experience means auto sales training courses that offer real-world solutions to real dealership challenges. This car sales training was not built in a vacuum, our courses are from proven industry professionals.

Trusted, Proven Experience

DSU is partnered with or endorsed by NADA University, NCM Associates, Performance Inc, and many provincial and state associations. We have a proven track record of successful auto sales training strategies that will optimize your dealership. Our automotive internet sales training has helped thousands of dealers and dealership employees achieve measurable results. Read some of our testimonials.


Sample DrivingSales University Topics

Automotive Social Media

Get an introduction to social networks including Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Learn how social media tools like Groupon and LivingSocial can be used to run promotions for your dealership. Understand how to track the cost effectiveness of automotive social media. A targeted social media strategy will yield results for your dealership, while a poorly executed strategy will waste your time and money. Learn how to increase engagement, brand loyalty and then track the effectiveness of your campaigns.

Automotive Internet Marketing

What are the most important metrics that will impact your success online? This class will review the metrics that matter most and teach you how to manage them effectively. Understand that having a strong grasp of automotive internet marketing strategies is critical in today’s online world. 80% of customers read online reviews before they show up at the dealership. Learn how to measure and handle internet leads using key metrics tied to a solid CRM process. Understand how to manage the automotive internet sales training activities that will lead to results, rather than just the results alone.

Automotive Sales Training

Gain an understanding of the foundations that must be in place in order to perform at the highest level. There are 5 basic org charts that dealers use. You will understand how to structure your dealership for maximum execution. A proven automotive sales training system is a key part of getting your team clicking on all cylinders. Learn how to organize your dealership to be prepared for significant growth. Understand the techniques and best practices for optimizing performance. Dealers tend to manage more than they lead. Leadership is necessary for change. DSU’s courses in auto sales training will give your car salesman the training they need to thrive on the showroom.

Car Sales Training

Strong leadership and an effective car sales training process, tied to a CRM is a necessity in today’s car dealerships. Learn the differences between leadership and management inside the dealership. Also, gain awareness of the tendency for dealers to over manage and under lead in their stores. A tremendous amount of management is necessary in the retail automotive business to create consistency, but leadership must be added to help keep up with the ever evolving modern business landscape. Learn about the latest car salesman training strategies that will move the needle at your dealership.

What Happy Car Dealers Are Saying About DSU:

  • “Because of the wealth of experience and knowledge at DSU, we were able to implement new processes that really work. As a result, traffic to our website increased, the time people spent on our site doubled and we found better ways to handle Internet leads.” Allen Turner Hyundai
  • “With the continued support and training of DrivingSales University, we have increased the lead count from our website by 35%.” Allen Samuels Alliance
  • “Our Internet Lead Response Time has decreased by 50% with the help of DSU.” Earl Stewart Toyota
  • “Since enrolling in DrivingSales University we have gone from having an Internet Department to having 100% of our sales staff handling Internet Leads.” Rice Toyota